“My experience with Vera Anderson was transformational. As a successful executive with a go-go-go mentality, my time with Vera taught me to slow down, quit overanalyzing, trust more, learn the benefits of face elements of my past that have contributed to behaviors that often got in my way professionally. With a new high-visibility role came new professional challenges, and I appreciated that our sessions started with small wins, small celebrations. Soon, those added up to the point where I paused and realized my outlook had shifted considerably. It didn't happen immediately, but I eventually felt something I'd rarely felt with prior coaches or mentors: Empowered. Unstoppable. It was truly a revelation to know that an investment in myself would pay off so considerably.” 

M. Brown, C-Level Executive, Established Digital Educational Company

“It was at a very odd point in my life that I met Vera via introduction from a mutual friend. Financially, business had been going from height to height, and I had to pause and consider if it were hubris that caused me to wonder why exactly I was speaking to a “business coach”. In the end I trusted our friend and went on faith.

As someone who identifies comfortably as a skeptic that flirts with cynicism, it was with a good measure of surprise I found myself committing to a six months series of sessions on our first meeting. It made no sense – I was doing extremely well, owned my own business, could live anywhere I wanted or retire any time it suited me. What else could she possibly teach me?

As it unfolded, I came to realize that, for me at least, it was less about being taught how to do something specific. It was an expansion of my entire perspective and the provision of new tools and perspectives that brought me to understand that while I may have been doing things right, but I had no way to quantify if I was doing the right things. 

I had the same doubts as anyone else and hid them passably well. I’d become so convinced of how correctly my life was being conducted by evidence of its efficiency that I’d lost the forest for the trees. I’d achieved my goals and the best I could manage was to extend and pretend – the question of “what next” was too big and confusing to tackle, so it was dismissed with the default answer of “more”.

Within the first few months I’d progressed to awareness of my own unawareness, and by implication all I’d papered over with my relentless focus on endlessly winning the last war. With the help of Vera’s piercing yet compassionate powers of observation, prompted self-analysis and strategic rigor I was before long ruthlessly pruning dead weight and toxic commitments from my professional and personal life. 

I regained some elbow room and oxygen in my thought space through simplifying, prioritizing and self-honesty more confronting than I’d thought possible. In doing so old wounds and long hidden cognitive biases were found that had progressively distorted my vision and sapped my drive for decades. 

They were methodically addressed with practices and habits to fortify mental and physical strength and resilience and I was amazed at the extent to which Vera personalized them to my own profile, implementing alternative solutions where others met unnecessary mental resistance.

Since our first sessions much has occurred, but it is not an exaggeration to say that I am a very different person on a very different path. I have successfully wound down value-destroying parts of my business and have in fact made successful exits from others that I expected I’d remain in forever. 

My health and spirit continue to grow, and for the first time in many, many years I now see the future as a range of possibilities defined less by what I think I should do, and more by who I want to be. 

For guiding me to the beginnings of that life, assisting me in identifying and devising solutions to the obstacles before me, and sustaining the patience to coax my thick head open that I could see them at all, I will be forever in Vera’s debt. 

No matter your level of success, however you define that to be, you will never know what you don’t know. Even those of us who have all the answers don’t have all the questions. As a natural skeptic I give my assurance that should you have a chance to work with Vera you will be surprised how much more there is and can be to life however you currently perceive it.” 

A. Dunlop - Principal, Private Family Office

“Over the years, I have been so focused on building and growing my business that I did not realize all the sacrifices I made along the way. Now that I have a family and I am evaluating the next stage of my life, thanks to Vera, I have clarity to think strategically, create the systems to reach my full potential with my business, and allow more time for my family and my health.”

B. Beatty - CEO, Media Company