Vera Anderson


You’ve always dreamed a lot bigger than everyone else.

Been more driven. More ambitious.
From a young age, you’ve poured all your energy and passion into bringing your big dream to life.
And - unlike so many others - you’ve succeeded. You’ve put your name on the map.

So why aren’t you celebrating?

Why hasn’t success brought you satisfaction?
By all societal standards, you’ve arrived.

Instead of satisfied, you feel drained. You overthink every decision, play it safe, or procrastinate.
You wonder what happened to the enthusiasm and zeal you had for the climb up.

You need a new goal, a new vision, a new passion you can pursue with the same drive that brought you here.

Enter: Performance Coaching.

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Bespoke Performance Coaching for international entrepreneurs

The world’s business elite work with me because I do things differently.

Other coaches start with the present, analyzing where you are today before creating a strategy to get you to the next day or year.

I start with the future. (Like you, I believe in dreaming a little bigger than everyone else.) I push my clients to think beyond what’s realistic and to question the impossible.

I ask my clients, “What would be extraordinary?

Because my clients aren’t satisfied with realistic or possible. They want phenomenal. They want to leave their mark on the world and create a legacy that outlasts them.

If you’re willing to wildly reimagine your future, I may be the performance coach for you.


I share your drive for success.

As the granddaughter of a Russian diplomat and the daughter of a Russian Olympic coach, I was raised with an expectation of excellence and exposure to the international community.

Less than two years after graduating from college, I went from being a project manager to the Director of Finance for a national wireless reseller. From there I joined a private equity firm to oversee due diligence for  their mergers and acquisitions, and was promoted to Operating Partner where I managed multinational teams in London and Sweden. During that time I ran treasury for the $65M manufacturing portfolio and served on the boards of joint venture partnerships in India and Mexico.

I’ve also had extensive experience in finance, residential and commercial real estate, and advanced health technology. I satisfy my desire for adventure through travel, living abroad as well as my latest hobby, sailing.

My unique upbringing, worldview and business experience have given me a gift for identifying clear, creative solutions for the most complex business and personal challenges.



Vera calls out all the artificial fears and stories I tell myself and helps me push through the resistance to start taking action. I am finally streamlining my business, expanding internationally and getting back in shape. I have never been this challenged and supported in my life.
— A. D., Founder and Operator, Real Estate Conglomerate

Dynamic, custom coaching packages that propel you to the next phase of success

Each of my coaching experiences is unique, tailored to the individual client and their needs. However, my approach typically encompasses these activities:

  • Leveraging my experience, resources, and international connections to solve the tactical and strategic challenges blocking the next step in creating your legacy
  • Dismantling the self-limiting beliefs clouding your ambition so you can make lasting improvements to your mental models for success
  • Challenging you to push through stagnation by giving you permission to take decisive action (and holding you accountable)
  • Supporting you in achieving your own extraordinary vision of the future

And this time, when you realize your next vision, the feeling of satisfaction from your success will stay with you for the remainder of your life.

Due to the confidentiality, trust, and significant commitment of time, effort, and financial resources necessary for achieving the extraordinary outcomes you seek, all coaching engagements begin by establishing a mutually valued relationship. I only accept a few clients each year based on referrals and invitations, with engagements lasting a minimum of 6 months.



Over the years, I have been so focused on building and growing my business, that I did not realize all the sacrifices I made along the way. Now that I have a family and starting to think about the next stage of my life, Vera’s clarity and understanding have been instrumental in helping me create systems that support my new business priorities, allow more time for my family and my health.
— B. D., Founder and CEO of Technology Corporation

Masterminds leverage the power of many minds together.

The Founder’s “think-tank-meets-performance-coaching” Mastermind brings together a select group of founders, solopreneurs, and international executives who are:

  • Entering a new phase of professional or personal growth

  • Considering a pivot to a new strategy or business model, or moving toward retirement

  • Taking steps to build a meaningful and lasting legacy to outlive them and benefit the future

The Founder’s Mastermind is for you only if you have the courage and commitment to:

  • Expand and challenge your perceived capabilities and identity

  • Act as both student and teacher to the other founders to brainstorm strategic and tactical solutions to specific problems

  • Start making changes now instead of waiting for another year to pass

As a Mastermind member, you’ll quickly see how the new concepts and skills have an impact in your sphere of influence.

The Mastermind is limited to 7 participants at a time. Because a mastermind requires a high level of confidentiality and trust, each member must successfully pass a rigorous application process and telephone interview before being invited to join.

I am now accepting applications for the next Founder’s Mastermind, which begins in July of 2018.



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