Vera Anderson
Vera Anderson
Propelling the power of your full potential

I help successful International Entrepreneurs to reclaim control of life, save years in setbacks and create a meaningful legacy. 

Performance Coaching




Do you consider yourself one of the world’s Elite?

The best athletes on this planet have coaches to guide, encourage and maintain accountability.  If you consider yourself Elite at what you do and know that you can reach beyond your current limits, I invite you to explore that possibility.

I create a dynamic coaching experience that evolves throughout our relationship as your business and personal goals become more concrete.  Taking the entire person, mind and body, and realigning them with current life circumstances enables highly driven individuals to achieve extraordinary results. 

I support my clients by:

  • Creating clarity for the next chapter of their business and personal lives
  • Leveraging my resources and international connections to solve tactical and strategic challenges
  • Dismantling self-limiting beliefs by shifting conscious and subconscious mental models
  • Holding them accountable to take action

Due to the confidentiality and the trust needed to achieve the best outcomes for my clients, I built my practice based on referrals and invitations.  We establish a mutually valued relationship first, before the engagement begins.     

Vera's Experience

My interaction with the world elite started early in life.  As the granddaughter of a Russian diplomat and the daughter of a Russian Olympic coach, I was raised with an expectation of excellence and exposure to international community.  This unique upbringing, along with my business experiences in finance, private equity, real estate and health technology, enable me to clearly see complex business and personal problems, and offer clear and creative solutions. 



Vera calls out all the artificial fears and stories I tell myself and helps me push through the resistance to start taking action. I am finally streamlining my business, expanding internationally and getting back in shape. I have never been this challenged and supported in my life.
— A. D., Founder and Operator, Real Estate Conglamorate
I have transitioned from academia to business world and Vera was instrumental to setting up my business plan which I am executing today and making international introductions.
— K. C., International Gallerist and Art Broker
Over the years, I have been so focused on building and growing my business, that I did not realize all the sacrifices I made along the way. Now that I have a family and starting to think about next stage of my life, Vera’s clarity and understanding have been instrumental in helping me create systems that support my new business priorities, allow more time for my family and my health.
— B. D., Founder and CEO of Technology Corporation

One-on-One Coaching


After reaching the heights of success, you may not have the same clarity for the next chapter, feel drained of energy or lack the same enthusiasm you had on the climb up.  You tend to overthink every decision, playing it "safe" and procrastinate on taking action.  Perhaps there are things that you want, have wanted for years, but despite having the means, something is stopping you from living full out. 

It's time to make a change, but where to start?

I will empower you to make arduous decisions with ease and certainty while staying aligned with your overall life objectives.  From there, I will support you in creating an adventure filled life, beyond what you can imaging today, and hold you accountable as you take steps towards it.  And once your arrive this time, the feeling of satisfaction with the success, significance  and contribution will stay with you for the remainder of your life, and live beyond through your Legacy.   

Founders Mastermind Group


This "Think-Tank-meets-Performance-Coaching" mastermind is tailored for a select group of Solopreneurs, Founders and International Executives who are: 

  • Entering a new phase of growth (business/personal)
  • Pivoting to a new strategy
  • Starting to build a meaningful legacy to leave behind

Are you seeking to accelerate your growth?

This mastermind is not for faint of heart!  It will make you commit to expand, combat and open beyond your perceived capabilities.  It provides space for strategic and tactical brainstorming tied to specific outcomes.  It gives you opportunity to be a student and a teacher.  And you will witness how the new concepts you apply ripple through your business and personal life, and the impact they will create in your sphere of influence. 

The mastermind is limited to 20 participants.  Each member successfully passes application process and phone interview before making a commitment to join.